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Simplexety is available for free, download it here (V 8.0)


SimplexNumerica Front CoverFormula Editors

Simplexety is established with four comfortable Formula/Code Editors.

  1. Scientific Editor

  2. Form Parser Editor

  3. Date/Time Parser Editor

  4. VBScript Editor

You can edit the formulas and code, quickly and easily, either expressed in the Form or Scientific Editor. The VBScript Editor can be used to write short Visual Basic Script programs.

You can transfer the formula from the Form to the Scientific Editor and via command to the VBScript Editor.

Use the Date/Time Editor to calculate related conversions.


Picture shows the Form Editor



Scientific Calculator SimplexNumerica Front Cover

Simplexety is a sophisticated evaluation and calculation program.

It supports direct access to the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Engine (VBScript).

The program supports e.g.  symbolic derivation and a lot of other numerical functions.








Picture shows the Scientific Editor


If there is a fault on a formula string, then the program opens a separate window where you can see the position and the reason of the error.












Picture shows the Error Text & Position



Search for the right function names:



SimplexNumerica Front Cover

Date & Time Parser

The new advanced Date & Time Parser is very simple to use. It does a lot of calculations and brings up many time related information.

Sample Operations

The parser interprets editors code like:

Result = Startdatetime + 40 hours + 12 min + 1 year

in the form:

Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] + h[40] + m[12] + Y[1]

Result = 23.04.2005 08:31:18

or as span:

Result = 366.925 days or 366d 22h 12m

or as Julian Date: Result = 2453483.85


    C< stands for Start Clock, D< for Start Date and T< for Start Time


Result = Startdate - Enddate

Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] - C>[20.03.2003 | 06:19:15]

Result = +398d 10h 0m 3s


    C> stands for End Clock, D> for End Date and T> for End Time

The syntax was introduced in the early days of development and simplifies the parser's error input check. The output is in the normal form like +366d 22h 12m 0s (day, hour, minute and sec.) or 21.04.2004 16:19:18 or 04/21/2004.



Plotting Functions




Enter the function into the Expression Line, using x as the function argument and put in the x- and y-limits for the graph range. Then click on [Graph] in the Panel for displaying the graph.  


  VBScript Editor

Visual Basic Script is a scripting language that is upwardly compatible with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA currently ships with Microsoft Office and Visual Basic. Microsoft Internet Explorer includes a COM server that implements a VBScript engine. Unlike VBA, we have add VBScript to Simplexety together with a comfortable VC++ like editor.

Aside from language syntax and semantics, a key difference between VBScript and JScript is that VBScript has a complete server-side role and JScript does not. For example, VBScript can be integrated with the ISAPI component of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) to run a variety of back-end applications.

You can have direct access to the Simplexety VC++ functions from this VBScript engine. Tis happens with OLE Automation methods.

For a complete description of VBScript, we suggest the MSDN article about the Visual Basic Script. In addition, Microsoft has a wealth of information about VBScript at different URLs.

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